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Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre
(07) 4052 1119

Corner of Florence & Grafton Streets,
Cairns QLD 487


Monday to Friday - 7am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday -  8am to 6pm

The practice is open every day of the year

Walk-in Service

By arrangement on the day
Please phone ahead as we can reach capacity

Care Before Anything Else

Care Before Anything Else

Our practice began as a service that believes in care; above and beyond everything else.

We bulk bill because that makes it easier for others to see us.

We do not like it when others are sick and cannot get to see a doctor. So, we have always bulk billed.

We offer every service that a general practice of our size and depth can reasonably hope to provide.

You might think care covers everything. We think it does. Care before anything else means;

  • Our Patients are entitled to care

  • Our staff are entitled to work in a safe, supportive environment, which offers them a future and rewards for the care they provide.

  • The doctors are entitled to work in an unbelievably supportive environment that values their time, respects their dignity, and gives them time to relax.

  • It is our job to comply with the standards, just as it is for anyone else.

When there is something more important than care in a medical setting, we will let you know.

Many people do not realise that “shopping around” from medical centre to medical centre may be a disadvantage to you / your family’s health.

We prefer to be responsible for managing your healthcare, and as a result it is often necessary to organise follow up appointments so that we can monitor treatment appropriate to your care.

If you have visited other Doctors in the past, it is easy for us to obtain your personal health records from the appropriate source. This way we can continue to give you the best medical attention possible.

If you would like your personal health records transferred, please ask our receptionists for a Consent Form.