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Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre
(07) 4052 1119

Corner of Florence & Grafton Streets,
Cairns QLD 487


Monday to Friday - 7am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday -  8am to 6pm

The practice is open every day of the year

Walk-in Service

By arrangement on the day
Please phone ahead as we can reach capacity



Telehealth refers to the provision of care over the telephone or video link.

Patients are welcome to call us from any part of the country. Technically, they can contact us from any part of the world.

There are times when a prescription or referral issued from Queensland is not accepted in other parts of the country.

As long as Queensland is fine, any form of communication works as a rule.

  • Step One is always contact us to organize a telehealth consultation.
  • We will organize a time and a means for the doctor to get in touch.
  • Telehealth consultations can be booked online for a doctor and time of your choice. Or simply give us a call.
  • Bulk Billed Telehealth is available to patients who have seen us in the last twelve months and patients in special circumstances.
  • If there are special circumstances that mean you qualify for  Bulk Billed Telehealth Consultation, please let us know what they are.
  • Patients that do not qualify for Bulk Billed Telehealth can opt for a Telehealth Consultation, as opposed to visiting the doctor.
  • Our fees for a Telehealth Consultation are the same as they are for a standard consultation with the doctor.

Recent advances mean we can transmit a prescription, referral, medical certificate or almost any other document to wherever you like. 

If you would like to organise a telehealth appointment with one of the doctors book online or call:

07 4052 1119