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Cairns 24 Hour Medical Centre
(07) 4052 1119

Corner of Florence & Grafton Streets,
Cairns QLD 487


Monday to Friday - 7am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday -  8am to 6pm

The practice is open every day of the year

Walk-in Service

By arrangement on the day
Please phone ahead as we can reach capacity

Workers Compensation Injury Management

Workers Compensation Injury Management

Workplace injuries should be looked after properly, just like everything else.

Our preference will always be for seeing workplace injuries as soon as possible, and being proactive, with a view to safely returning the employee to work, as soon as it becomes practical to do so.

  • Minor workplace injuries such as uncomplicated lacerations, foreign bodies or burns can be dealt with at the time they occur, provided we are open at the time.
  • We can bill Work Cover for work-related injuries, provided the employee completes our paperwork, the employer is insured, and the insurer is known to us or we have been presented with a valid Work Cover Claim Number
  • If we cannot readily complete the necessary claim forms to our satisfaction, which occurs after after-hours, the employee will be asked to pay our usual Work Cover Fees
  • Employees can claim for 100% of our usual Work Cover fees provided they complete the necessary claim forms and their claim is accepted.
  • Meeting our financial obligations to our doctors is a requirement of issuing a completed Work Cover Certificate

We can also;

  • Assess an employees fitness to work
  • Recommend a suitable duties or return to work program.

Assessing an employee's fitness to work or supervising a suitable return to work program is not a service we can bulk bill.

Employees will be asked to meet the cost of our Workplace Injuries Program, unless alternate Work Cover or other insurance arrangements, or an agreement to meet our costs with the employer are in place at the time.